Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sunday's are getting better. I feel so rested and ready to take on the week ahead. I was up later than my usual in the morning since the gym was closed. Took Sage for a leisurely walk and visited his friends in the next colony who were delirious to see him (and me). They played for an hour. Walked back home to coffee and fruit. bathed Sage which he loves. You should really see the way he loves being soaped and watered!

breakfast was at the in-laws. K had requested for Puttu Kadalai. So we trooped there about 9.30 had a lovely breakfast and sat around talking till noon. Came back home and just rested. Its amazing how much good a little rest can do you. 

K went out at 5 PM, Sage and I walked for an hour... 

The saddest part of the day was the rescue and death of the 5 year old child Mahi who was trapped for over 80 hours in an 80 ft borewell in Manesar in haryana. I watched the last bit, with little hope that she would be brought out alive. How is a child who fell 80 feet and stayed in a tunnel that has most definitely asphyxiated her have any chance of survival? the media circus was as always in bad taste. 

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