Friday, September 18, 2009

what i want to be when i grow up

its a silly thing to say this when you are on the right side of thirty..... but heck... i want to open a store....a handicrafts and garments/ fabrics store with classy stuff sourced from all over india, indegenously made and fabulously finished (and priced). there i've said it.

i went to one such place i'd like to own someday (soon) yesterday. i loved the stuff they had and the way it was displayed and the way the staff doesnt breathe down your neck. i want that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the last week or so

its been such a week of ups and downs....some my own...some of loved ones...some i really dont give a tiny rat's ass about...but somehow still found itself in my ecosystem. all in all its been emotionally, physically and mentally draining. i wonder if i would have felt better if i sought refuge in god. i feel guilty to go and "ask" for solace. because i am so confused about religion and faith and spirituality and all the jargon that goes with it that i have practically blocked it out of my life. maybe its time to start rediscovery!
k started a new assignment on monday. i dont yet know what to make of it. i just hope and pray that he isnt as inert as i am. its been a difficult decision for him, but one i hope will give him the opportunity to showcase his brilliance. we did a bit of shopping for him last weekend, because the new place is pretty traditional and asks for a different kind of attire than what he would like to be seen in. it was very frustrating to say the least...and tho i love shopping i was so glad (and drained completely) when it was done.
his work also means that the whole household's schedule is upside down. everything starts 2 hours earlier than usual and the mornings are hectic. the lazy pace of things have to change. the maids are having the toughest time adjusting to the new scheme of things. this is getting on my nerves, deep breathing is helping here. i'm enjoying the few hours that i get to myself in the evening before he returns from work tho i preferred the quiet time in the mornings.
its not been the best last 10 days... hopefully the weekend and the week ahead will make us better prepared for everything else that's in store.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Patrick

he was the stuff my teenaged dreams were made of... from the first time i accidentally saw him one afternoon, I was hooked, line and sinker....the love affair continued.....he immortalised what women wanted in a man...and made every man want to be him.
Who can forget your moves in the time of my were like the wind dear one.... gone to a better place i hope.... rest well dear one....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

power or the illusion of it

YSR perished in a helicopter accident. sometime day before yesterday. it took more than 24 hrs to locate the wreckage and declare that there aren't any survivors. the State went into mourning and tho everyone expected mayhem on the streets owing also to the ganesh immersion which is usually a security nightmare, everything seemed to be ok. the political lobbying to install his son as the next CM has begun fullscale....
the man who had a strangle hold on the state and no succession plan (other than aspirations for his son) has left everyone completely shocked. its one thing to have everything under control.... its another thing that the next 100 people under you have no clue what they should do next.
while the media circus goes on, i think of a few things people may call inconsequential..... the mightiest, most charismatic, powerful guy went missing and no one had any clue for hours together of the whereabouts. in this day and age of technological advancements, this is pretty shocking. as a country we have no contingency plans, no process or drills for emergencies, no one knows who is in control, i wonder if anyone is. Crowds in india are a nightmare. Add to this a few hundered television camera crews and the nightmare becomes a walt disney scale 3 D gargantuan shinding.
the family didn't have the time to mourn. they didn't even get their few minutes with their loved one or whatever remained of him. they've had to hide their sorrow and put on a brave public show. this is the lot of all people in public offices. is this what they sign up for the day they choose this space?
the circus now has turned full circle. i wrote this 2 days ago and yesterday was horrified to see the images of the total chaos at the funeral. many a times it was a miracle that his coffin didnt just fall on the ground. people are firmly rooting for his son to be installed as the next CM. i wonder how far this movie will play out... just need to wait and watch. they're anyways going to put up a grand show.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wordless wednesday

i know its a conflict with the post title.... but i liked the way it sounds and it aptly reflects the way i am feeling right now.... the weather's awesome...i've just had a snack which included banana choco chip cake and am waiting for k to get himself out of a traffic jam and get home.... its onam today. So for those to whom this is important.... happy onam.... i made pal payasam today and i miss being with amma and appa for the festive food. was i a mallu in my last birth i say!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

weekend tales

its terrible tuesday. we had a great weekend. filled with love and laughter and much money spent!! isn't it always better when you spend some cash? hail retail therapy!!
the weekends are made better with spirit, food and music...not particularly in that order! suddenly all the new hip places to be seen at and eat at are opening around the place we live. About time is all i'll say! scrumptious restaurant cooked "homestyle" andhra food and a fun shopping trip, pictures taken over much laughter, giggling and cursing in a photo booth after which we had it blown up and framed. oh yeah, and much money spent in buying nothing in particular too.
back home, we spent another fun evening singing karaoke. this time the neighbours didn't complain. i wonder who learnt their lessons - them or us! dinner at 5 a.m? yes. and did i mention that the rains make everything spectacular? they did. on sunday we had a lovely late breakfast at lunch time and rediscovered the joy of home delivered food! rounded it all off with a rather  mellow evening spent in the company of Leo. 
i'd recommend having a nice weekend to everyone. no matter what is your choice... clubbing, shopping, spending time with friends or just vegetating on the couch....makes the work week so much dare i say bearable?

another blog

yes i started another one.... to chronicle in pictures my mundane and not so mundane days.

I've had inspiration from many photoblogs and decided it was ok to try and be not as impressive.... so really, am not trying to prove a point to anyone. i dont want to find my niche or anything else.... just post pictures that i have been hoarding on my HDD!!