Tuesday, September 21, 2010

here, there and all that

moody, crabby and eternally wanting to sleep is currently how i feel. Its been a week since appa went back to ahmd. the week he was here was furious house hunting and while i enjoyed it, i realised how blessed K and I were to find and fall in love with this house the minute we saw it. Did i tell you that this was the first and only house we saw? I walked in, said yeah nice ventilation... spacious...and oooooo i love the french style doors.... so great for parties.... lets buy it! that was it! 6 years later, i still love my house....while i will always crave for a space that has a yard so i can do some more gardening and have a dog, i will always love this house. It was completely built and was the last apt available... so i didnt have to visualise what it would look like when it was still cement and bricks! all that househunting made me look back at pics of when we'd just moved in... my god! the amount of stuff i have accumulated! no major furniture...the same stuff gets tossed about and rearranged.... but knick knacks galore... and i still am not done! the house is always a work in progress....

a few things that happened when appa was here
  • i know exactly how K will be at 68. you can't escape your genes...(i mean this in a good way...hell i am turning into my mom anyways)
  • he's just as lost without me as his father is minus his mom!
  • i love listening to appa, getting to know of his childhood and his life... somewhere i feel like i am making up for missed time.... i miss my dad the most when i am around my fil
  • he (fil) loves to tell stories! whatever made me think he was a man of few words!
  • i got over my fear of cooking for him. when you figure out he is anyways at your mercy, it helps!
  • i ate a lot! having another person sit across you at the table at lunchtime is different from eating in front of the laptop!
  • We (appa and I) made kozhukattai's for ganesh chathurthi. they turned out great, but i didnt take pics cos they were not photogenic!
I also cribbed less and tried to be more patient with myself and K. I am trying to think of the bigger picture at all times and it has helped me with my temper. B and J had their housewarming on the 10th. Everything thankfully went off well cos I was so paranoid about the food... neednt have worried, it was fab. Now need to see how the rest of the house and the woodwork turns out. So far everything looks good.

I've realised its been more than a year that K and I have gone on a realtime holiday. Trips to and with family dont count! i need to head out...somewhere...anywhere will do! but i need to go! 

have decided to make some sweeping changes to my balcony gardens so that i can accommodate some homegrown veggies too. before the weather gets colder.... i know i am late, but what the hell!

fabulous progress

am happy to report, that K has gone and outdone himself and silenced me about any doubts i had about him and focus. when we went to the gym after a month last week, the trainers all lined up and one even asked if he'd had liposuction! ofcourse i felt like cracking (the trainer's) skull, after all the hard work and sweat he'd shed, but it was also a victory for K. I remember when he first joined, they crowded around him to give him gyan.... first he shocked them with his stamina and then with his weight loss... it was like a kick in the teeth... me? well lets just say i went back to the start point! but the main thing is what he's been able to achieve! love you k man.. you showed me that i was so wrong...and i now know that if you make up your mind about anything, no matter what, you will achieve it.