Friday, February 19, 2010


for the second time in about 6 months, K and i had to cancel a holiday plan last minute. We spent a whole night talking about the reasons we could go and the reasons we couldnt and in the end, the reasons we couldnt go outweighed the ones that said we could. Amidst much dissappointment (for me) and guilt (for him) we decided that now was not possible. This is 3 days before we are scheduled to travel and so it was tough. With bags packed and spirits soaring. The most difficult was to tell our friends who we'd planned to go with. This is the second time and I didnt want to come away looking like we'd done it on purpose. K is a big believer in the spirit of the human spirit, i am worked up about many things - i dont want to look like someone who makes an excuse at the last minute, i am as disappointed as anyone else would be and i have the tears to prove it, i realise as the wife of an entrepreneur, these are the sacrifices i will have to make, i want my friends to not stop making plans with us because two of them didnt work it a tall order?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

waking up early

i hate waking up early in the mornings....even in my student days, 6 a.m was the earliest i could open my eyes and get out of bed. if i woke up at 4 or 5 a.m like any of my other friends, i would fall asleep again by 6 and would completely defeat the purpose of the early rise!! having said that, i cant sleep when its bright outside. So as a natural alarm clock, i leave a small portion of the window curtains pulled back, so the light streams into my bedroom and wakes me up.... i cant stay in bed after 7.30, even on the days when i have slept at 5 a.m, that's my curse....of course the exception being when i go to K's parents house. There i can sleep till 10 a.m and wont even know it!! the exception for this inability to sleep late is when i am stressed...i toss and turn and sleep for just 20 mins at a stretch all night... when K is unwell, or anyone else...when work stresses me....or some inane needless crappy situation in the family or friends circle....before a really big project.....etc...i can be up sometimes when dawn still hasnt broken... today is one of those days!!

there's stress....and then there is the joy of being woken up to the news that your friends have become parents for the second time....what joy and anxiousness melded into one!! baby boy older sister is born....parents again after 10 years!! congratulations and god bless....

this good fortune should see me through the rest of today...

Monday, February 8, 2010

has it been so long

since i last posted?I have opened the new post window countless times, and then shut it for want of nothing particular to say, not enough time to type it out, no mood or foul mood (:)) .... its been a busy month of january for me.... most importantly i took a 12 day trip to ahmedabad and udaipur thrown in for a few days.... ahmedabad just happened... K had some work and it was way overdue... we had a nice trip and we took a short one with the family to udaipur as well.... more on that later.... i have been pretty listless of late... i feel an absolute lack of interest in most things....including food, which has happened for the first time in my life... i am trying to shake myself out of this state... but it doesnt seem to be working so far, more than ever now i want to write anonymously.... 2 things are keeping my mind occupied.... the plans i have for the gardening venture... incidentally i picked up my first cheque for this....and my photoblog....doesnt the mundaneness of life just get to you sometimes??