Monday, February 8, 2010

has it been so long

since i last posted?I have opened the new post window countless times, and then shut it for want of nothing particular to say, not enough time to type it out, no mood or foul mood (:)) .... its been a busy month of january for me.... most importantly i took a 12 day trip to ahmedabad and udaipur thrown in for a few days.... ahmedabad just happened... K had some work and it was way overdue... we had a nice trip and we took a short one with the family to udaipur as well.... more on that later.... i have been pretty listless of late... i feel an absolute lack of interest in most things....including food, which has happened for the first time in my life... i am trying to shake myself out of this state... but it doesnt seem to be working so far, more than ever now i want to write anonymously.... 2 things are keeping my mind occupied.... the plans i have for the gardening venture... incidentally i picked up my first cheque for this....and my photoblog....doesnt the mundaneness of life just get to you sometimes??

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Swapna said...

Hey dear..hope you snap out of the gloom sending a few hugs from Ichu to make you feel better... congrats for your cheques..maybe spending a bit will make u feel better :)