Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year....

Its the new year... a brand new one and I wish all my readers a wonderful year ahead...

I didn't have a very good end / beginning of the year. It was so reflective of how 2012 was. 

Personally K and I just clung to each other and rode the storm. We spent days and nights talking, discussing and reassuring each other that everything would be ok. Much as the first quarter of the year was shitty for K professionally, the second quarter was listless and unproductive.... the third was where things began to look better and finally took shape. I am happy he found a partner worthy of him and began to get all charged up again. there is nothing better than watching a man who is passionate about his work, find the partnership of someone who matches him intelligence and ability step for step. so workwise, things are looking up. K started his new venture and the only thing i told him was to think of nothing else, just concentrate on work and I would take care of everything else. I am trying my best to live up to both our expectations and be the supportive partner. 

I was glad the year was ending. I was glad we could put behind the betrayals of the past year and look forward to better things. 

on the 30th, against my good senses, i ate panipuri at an innocuous place and woke up at 2 a.m that night, feeling nightmarish, sweaty and chill at the same time. i felt like i was having a hangover when i havent touched alcohol in months. when dawn broke, i realised the panipuri was extracting its pound of flesh! the next two days, were spent with my back flat on the bed, when i could manage, and in the toilet when i couldnt. Even sitting up was making me dizzy. Poor Sage was so stressed with all my sickness, never leaving my side, and reluctant to take a walk with the watchman because he wanted his mommy. 

i recovered a bit by the 3rd. fed myself unbelievably obscene amounts of curd and rice and prayed i stopped looking like something the cat dragged in! by the 5th, I was tired of the rice and wanted to eat normal food! had to wait a few days more....

So today, the 7th of jan, I finally feel human again. I went to the gym and got a mild workout, i went out to meet a friend for coffee, I took a picture and didnt cringe when i saw it!

no resolutions for this year. I dont work on timelines. 

I wish for everyone a healthy year, doing what you enjoy and getting a lot of time with people who matter. 

much love.... me