Saturday, October 1, 2011

stillness and weightloss hopefully

you know when i kept saying i am not a morning person? am beginning to think that is a different life. post the pooch, my body clock has been reset and i am able to wake up with no alarm around 5.30 a.m. thankfully, waking time has been set back by an hour.

I have written many times about how much i love my own company. not that i dont love the company of others, but I find it reassuring to be alone sometimes. There was a time when i was younger and i constantly needed people around me... not anymore.

the silence, the whirring of the fan, the sips of long forgotten and therefore now cold and yucky chai, the sound of my typing on this battered laptop, sometimes the clicks of the mouse when i play spider solitaire, the sound of the washing machine spinning crazily the last set of clothes in it, reverse horns of cars in the basement, sometimes dogfights in the next compound...and me.

i've made some very important decisions in this stillness, sometimes grieved and smiled all by myself, also done a lot of work and i have come to love it so much. so i may just change my stance and become a morning person :)

in other news, my brand new cot is almost ready and we will be moving from the mattresses on the floor onto a cot and bed very soon! now that Sage sleeps on the floor and uses the mattress as a pillow, i wonder how he'll react when we no longer sleep on the floor.

walks with Sage have begun, today is day 6. i havent spoken to as many people in 7 years as i have in this past week. all that walking will hopefully help me lose some weight now that nothing else seems to work on my girth.