Saturday, May 28, 2011

blogging again

my food blog has been resurrected. i cant tell you how happy i am. while i believed that i never stopped blogging, churning out 6 posts per year is not very nice. fortunately, my blog stats show that readers have been faithful and come in the hundreds even when i was away for a couple of months. sometimes searching for weird tags lands them on my blog, but still! what changed is my attitude. i have made hundreds of meals to help K with his phenomenal weightloss even though, we have tried to move away from food being the centre of our lives.but the result of which, I dismissed almost everything as non blog worthy. even my fancy pants camera couldn't make me change my mind. the gentle coaxing of a few friends and inquiries from readers made me post once, i tried to remember why i started blogging, as a personal food record... to look back at the kinds of food we ate, enjoyed, experimented with and sometimes rejected....then twice and in the last few weeks almost 4 times. while it is a personal journey, when i moderate comments or see the number of people that have visited after each new post, i realise how happy it makes me. more than anything, i have a new interest in blogging now and am as excited as before. i have a few ideas for new themes, especially one on doing a series of healthy but tasty recipes. i hope to be able to resurrect the photoblog as well. wish me luck.