Wednesday, December 22, 2010

almost at the end of the year

its holiday season... a phrase borrowed from the west no doubt, but all around its a mad festival frenzy. the weather has been killer the last few weeks, last night touching 8 degrees which is very rare for hyd at this time of the year...

my spell with ill health continues and its right now so annoying that i cant even talk about it. i've completed many courses of medication and now am taking the natural remedies route!

my sil and niece are here to begin the relocation process and after weeks of school shopping, we fixed on something yesterday.

i have tonnes to do, cookies to make, cake to bake and other stuff... i went minimalistic with the tree this year... just gold accents and white light.. it looks smashing! even if i say so myself..... :) leaving you with a picture to hopefully spread the cheer!

Merry Christmas!