Monday, February 18, 2013

here and there

so much to say... so much time has gone by from my last post and i really cannot understand why i am not blogging as much as i want to. in my head, i have written hundreds of posts...

I didn't quite get back on track with the whole workout and diet thing post Christmas and new year till almost the end of January. that upset me mentally and physically. I am still struggling with regulating the diet bit. A lot of take away, ice cream and general junk is happening on a regular basis.

the only significant change has been my craving for a drink! yes, after the three month self imposed ban, I thought I would celebrate and hurrah with copious amounts of alcohol. Funnily, I seem to have settled into not seeking out the bar cabinet. Yes the occasional sangria did happen tho.

K has been very busy with his new venture. He works almost 18 hours a day and I cant remember the last time he came home before 9 pm on a week day. he works on Saturdays too and I miss having him around to nag and generally be a crabby wife with him. Sundays when we are home instead of his parents home, he couches out... putting in another 18 hours in front of the TV.

work for me has taken an unprecedented turn. In the middle of January, I took up the execution of a college based training program. I designed it and had big dreams for it. the execution was where things got tricky. Firstly I had problems with the people who were on board. Essentially because one MCP didn't want to 'report' into me! He was some big shot trainer and felt he had more experience than i did. In the game of 'mine is bigger than your's', i won. for the first time, i got someone fired from a job. it shook me up a bit, but i did what i needed to do. I also hyperventilated a bit....but am OK now...

this workplace is located about 75 km away from home. that's one way. So each time I needed to go there, which was 4 times a week till last week, I was clocking almost 150 kilometers per day. to say that it was tiring and exhausting is an understatement. Till everyone settled down, each time there was an emergency, I had to jump up and jump in. 

This project has taught me so much about myself and startled me with how seriously and personally I take my work. I wouldn't stand for a shoddy job, if my name was associated with something. Also that I am done being a polite person if it does not serve any purpose. I have not confronted so many demons at once before. I am also quite impressed with how focused I was on the result and not the speed bumps. In an earlier life, each time something got derailed was because i was overwhelmed with the many issues that cropped up and abandoned the project. This time, I was focused on finding a solution that worked for the result we had in mind. 

Also, for the first time, it has taught me that I am ready to jump in, roll up my sleeves and get the task completed - no questions asked. It made me aware that I was willing to get my hands dirty, not just sit on the sidelines and bark out orders.

overall, work wise, it has been a learning experience. 

fitness is the only other thing besides work and Sage that is occupying my time. I am now working out in the evenings as mornings are turning out to be unpredictable. I cannot go in the mornings, because the house and K's routine goes for a full toss. If i go later in the morning, around 9.30 then the rest of my day's engagements get messed up. So I've settled into the evening slot, because K comes home late anyway. This gives me time to finish the gym, come home, have dinner and crash. is working out fine for now. 

people have begun to notice my leaner body for now. I get varying feedback especially from people who haven't seen me in a while. It ranges from "you have shrunk" to "you have shaped up well". I cannot say that I am not happy. Would like to see a lot more progress tho. I am happy I have been committed and the results are there for everyone to see.

The one thing that has been constant is the sunrises I do not miss. For the last 18 months, thanks to sage, havent missed a single one. It makes me feel empowered and energised.

last week I have been on a movie watching binge. 
i saw Gangs of Wasseypur 1&2. maybe because of the small screen, I was not too impressed with the movie... drags a lot. superbly impressed by the performances of the actors tho. Particularly nawazuddin siddiqui on who i have a huge crush, richa chadha, zeishan quadri who plays definite and also wrote the script of the film (supremely impressed).

Shaitan by bejoy nambiar, starring an motley ensemble cast if that is a phrase.... most impressed with the movie, its treatment and the young actors.... added bonus was understated tough cop played by Rajeev Khandelwal. So many hot men in one movie!

Paan Singh Tomar sent me back to visit Tigmanshu Dhulia's older movies of charas and haasil.... i loved Sahib Biwi aur Gangster.