Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a slice of bliss

a friend wrote on her FB status "tuesday? bring it on... just another 3 days to the weekend" and i smiled. not knowing what the day held in store for me.

its been a rough and tough month for k and me. we've not had alone time in more than a couple of months. work has kept us busy and the weekends have been busier. plus we have constantly been around people which isnt a bad thing, they're all friends, but it leaves us no time for each other....

where did our spontaneous nature go? for the last few months it has been lost in the mundane....

so this morning, as i was getting ready for work, we decided to spend the day together. we booked ourselves into a day spa. a deep cleansing scrub, water therapy in a jacuzzi that had milk added to it ( i felt like cleopatra, K found it weird) and a relaxing deep tissue massage later... we were on our way to bliss.....

nirva spa, at the ella suites at gachibowli is where we went. and tho we chose it for proximity, i will recommend it to everyone. they know their business and practice their craft well. for those 4 hrs. they make you totally forget that you are in a busy city. it transported us to a more exotic place.... and i think that was the purpose!!

what a way to spend a day.... if you saw us today... you saw happy people!! i cant remember the last time we had such a beautifully relaxing day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


what makes us do the things we do i dont know. more importantly, i sometimes dont know why i do the things i do.... after many months and weeks spent contemplating, and bolting out of fear on one occassion, i mustered the courage to get pierced again.... i have a brand new shiny nose ring.

i've been wanting one for years now... the press on ones never give you the same look and feel... last week, i made one attempt, terrified after i saw my friend got her's done, while she screamed and held my hand, wrung it so i thought my bones would be crushed, i chickened out. on the bangalore trip, with a couple of friends to hold my hand, i decided to try it again. ofcourse it did help that there was a teenaged girl in front of me who had about "no more place on my ear lobe" type of piercings and came in to do one more.... on a whim, i asked the guy to do mine.... then chickened out again.... then was feeling quite like a wuss..... gritting my teeth and holding the hand of my friend in a vice like grip, i had the piercing done!! i must say, it was less painful than i thought it would be, like a really thick needle injection... much less than having your underarms waxed, much less than having your nail bed injected with medicine becuase your toe nail got ripped out!! so impressed was i, that i got my ears pierced for a second stud...and actually contemplated a third one too!! waht did i tell you about my addiction to excesses?

oh!! and must i say it looks super sexy?? bringing me crash landing tho was my mom who was pissed, and glared at me!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

damn you!

i dont know if i am losing weight... my yoga teacher said i looked like i have....all i can notice is that i have dark circles below my eyes and look like i havent slept in a zebabillion years....


still for weight loss i will live with dark circles!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Learning to let go...

control freak monster and psycho hypochondraic woman that i am.... it has taken me an almost invalid arm to do something i was resisting for a while now.... i hired a cook!! yeah!! i know, having a food blog made it all the more difficult.... but i had no choice...and much as i wanted to say that i am adjusting to passably made food etc..... i would be lying if i didnt say "I LOVE IT"


now with that out of the way, i can help make you green eyed and jealous about how i now go for a walk every morning(well most mornings of course), watch tv!!, call my mother everyday and dont rush her to speak fast cos something on the stove is burning, read the papers, attempt the crossword, and get served breakfast wherever i am sitting!

after months and months of debate, i decided, i wouldnt be any less the enthusiastic cook or diminish my skills as the keeper of my home..... infact K actively pushed me towards it cos god knows the poor man had an instant noodle overdose when i was laid up in bed. its not so much that i didnt want to hire someone... it was just that i couldnt make up my mind about wanting to slave drive my poor arm into numbness or have someone help me...

for almost a month, my regular maid, had pity on me and would roll out rotis (which was forbidden by the doc) and chop veggies, but on the days when i had an early day at work, or something else cropped up, we'd go back to ordering take away.... spending far more money than i wish to acknowledge....

a few things apart from having someone else feed my beloved k haunted me... like how would i manage two maids? will they get at each other? and in a one up womanship will they make life miserable first thing in the morning for me? will i like what she makes? will k like what she makes?

after all this nonsensical debate, i finally just called a few, interviewed them and hired one.

its been 4 weeks. so far, no one is dead!! she makes us breakfast and lunch. i rustle up an easy dinner once i am back from work. it has been so much better not just for my arm and neck, it freed up enough time from the morning for me to take up yoga!

while on account of the food.... this is where i learn to let go. tell myself that its ok for the food to not be perfect or for me to be less fastidious. that she can make what she knows to make and we will be grateful for the food she packs for us. plus that i am making far too much of a fuss over this!!

i enjoy cooking yes. and i can indulge when i want to, or have to. so then there.... i've said it....

Friday, June 5, 2009

of marriage and marriageability

what makes people put up with crap? i am enraged as i write this. i have been witness to an ongoing tamasha of the marriage market for a 33 yrs old woman in india since the last few years. a dear friend of mine, who hasnt had the good fortune to have a relationship work, who didnt find a companion from the online marriage market, a lovely, beautiful, hardworking, successful girl who has a never say die attitude. she'll make a great girlfriend and a wife. she is a fabulous friend. always there when you want to rant, talks rationally even when emotions are running high. she hasnt found anyone she'd rather spend her life with. so what? its sad, that her father is driving her crazy. what started as nagging has engulfed her whole life and she is tired of being jugdged only on the basis of not being married. things came to a head yesterday when she packed her things, unable to take the constant harrassment and walked out of her parents home.

to judge your own child because she hasnt "settled down". to tell her, she needs to be married to live in this society. that even if the guy is nothing like she wants in a partner, she should "compromise" cos she is thirty plus? and to wash away all that she is, as a person, as a woman and as a successful manager just because she hasnt yet said "i do"? what kind of person will do all of this?

and what is it with us? that we cant leave someone alone to decide their own course in life? that we always think we have the solution or the wisdom to help them make a "better choice". that everyone around us is not intelligent enough to choose for themselves? like so, what are you going to do after your studies? when are you getting married? when are you having kids? when are you settling down? that the next milestone will bring them nirvana? why cant we mind our own damn business? and who says marriage is the best thing in the world? that you are incomplete without it? i know of atleast 10 friends and acquaintances with relationships in shambles. so who the hell are we to judge?

i feel for this friend of mine. that she politely has to get out of conversations which finally come to "so...when are you giving us good news" when she wants to tell them to F off.... i really wish everyone, her father included will just stop breathing down her back.... you dont realise how much strenght it takes to take all this crap and still keep smiling.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

girl's day out

it started as a lunch plan with a friend, quickly another got added, lets call them A and B. i thought i would finish lunch and get to work.... i drove to pick my friend up, on the way i picked up a couple of sexy tops, one each for the hotties i was meeting for lunch. after demolishing some fab indian food, B had to go back to work.

A and i decided it was time to buy me some footwear! we drove to a famed store that just put us off. whats with the garish blingy stuff? it was ridiculous. spanky new mall to the rescue, we tried on a load of stuff before i settled on two pairs of sensible footwear for regular office wear... regular but smart! we crawled around the place a bit... stopping to try on some make up. i am so scared of eye make up and my friend loves it... so she with glittery eyelids and i with heavy mascara, walked around a bit and then finally left. not before some very average banana bread though. next stop was a couple of designer dens. my friend A is a fashion designing graduate, we dropped in at a couple of stores of her friends. one was colourful and alternative and not really my style, an eclectic mix of kitsch boho and eccentric. some stuff like the accessories i loved, but the clothes were just not me! we hopped in next door to meet another friend. this place had stuff like what i would like to see myself wearing. lovely colours, fabrics and cuts. i mooned over quite a few and thought to myself that i would pay him a visit, when i was a few kgs lighter!! next stop was an ethnic indian store with stuff that uses natural fabric and colours. i was totally zonked out by that time and headed home!!

mondays should be made like this, friends, food and shopping.oooh and did i mention i acquired a brand new lipcolor from YSL? no? ok... i did...and it looks hot!!