Thursday, June 4, 2009

girl's day out

it started as a lunch plan with a friend, quickly another got added, lets call them A and B. i thought i would finish lunch and get to work.... i drove to pick my friend up, on the way i picked up a couple of sexy tops, one each for the hotties i was meeting for lunch. after demolishing some fab indian food, B had to go back to work.

A and i decided it was time to buy me some footwear! we drove to a famed store that just put us off. whats with the garish blingy stuff? it was ridiculous. spanky new mall to the rescue, we tried on a load of stuff before i settled on two pairs of sensible footwear for regular office wear... regular but smart! we crawled around the place a bit... stopping to try on some make up. i am so scared of eye make up and my friend loves it... so she with glittery eyelids and i with heavy mascara, walked around a bit and then finally left. not before some very average banana bread though. next stop was a couple of designer dens. my friend A is a fashion designing graduate, we dropped in at a couple of stores of her friends. one was colourful and alternative and not really my style, an eclectic mix of kitsch boho and eccentric. some stuff like the accessories i loved, but the clothes were just not me! we hopped in next door to meet another friend. this place had stuff like what i would like to see myself wearing. lovely colours, fabrics and cuts. i mooned over quite a few and thought to myself that i would pay him a visit, when i was a few kgs lighter!! next stop was an ethnic indian store with stuff that uses natural fabric and colours. i was totally zonked out by that time and headed home!!

mondays should be made like this, friends, food and shopping.oooh and did i mention i acquired a brand new lipcolor from YSL? no? ok... i did...and it looks hot!!


Rupa said...

Sounds so feels wonderful to meet friends during work days.... :) and can I have the store's names please. Need to buy some will be great to check new places.
Hey , by the way we shifted to Begumpet last week , hence there is no pc/lappy at home yet. hence wont be able to check gmail for a while :(
Whats up with you?


workhard said...

Hey thats a nice post.. wow.. its weird cause i find most of the clothes in the designer stores ugly.. i find wearable clothes in sindhi colony

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