Wednesday, June 24, 2009


what makes us do the things we do i dont know. more importantly, i sometimes dont know why i do the things i do.... after many months and weeks spent contemplating, and bolting out of fear on one occassion, i mustered the courage to get pierced again.... i have a brand new shiny nose ring.

i've been wanting one for years now... the press on ones never give you the same look and feel... last week, i made one attempt, terrified after i saw my friend got her's done, while she screamed and held my hand, wrung it so i thought my bones would be crushed, i chickened out. on the bangalore trip, with a couple of friends to hold my hand, i decided to try it again. ofcourse it did help that there was a teenaged girl in front of me who had about "no more place on my ear lobe" type of piercings and came in to do one more.... on a whim, i asked the guy to do mine.... then chickened out again.... then was feeling quite like a wuss..... gritting my teeth and holding the hand of my friend in a vice like grip, i had the piercing done!! i must say, it was less painful than i thought it would be, like a really thick needle injection... much less than having your underarms waxed, much less than having your nail bed injected with medicine becuase your toe nail got ripped out!! so impressed was i, that i got my ears pierced for a second stud...and actually contemplated a third one too!! waht did i tell you about my addiction to excesses?

oh!! and must i say it looks super sexy?? bringing me crash landing tho was my mom who was pissed, and glared at me!!


Raaga said...

copy cat... I have 2 sets of piercings on my ears and one on me nose :)

Rupa said...

Wow, nose ring...thats very sure you'd be looking gorgeous.....