Thursday, May 21, 2009


so yes... where was i about the fitness (or the lack of it?) and all? yeah well.... in the last few years, i have made numerous attempts to do some form of physical exercise. and no, banging on the keyboard wont count here i am told. i have a yoga dvd, of which i cant do most of what they're doing...i've tried dancing to filmi music... works but i am afraid neighbours will see me and wonder why i am acting crazy....walking in the morning... lasted a few days... walking in the evening... lasted a few more... aerobics... i found it too boring...joining a gym... the trainers were those romeo lecherous body builder types...salsa... lasted a month...and ah well... you get the drift...

for the last few weeks post the neck incident, i have been scouting around for a proper low intensity fitness option. every where i went, power yoga came screaming out at me because of its current popularity with the celebrities. tho it guarantees the fastest weight reduction, with my current state of shoulder and neck, i cant take this easy route out. it apparently makes you sweat like a very intense cardio session. so this power trip was off limits for me.

i now have found, not so close to home, a place where they will teach in small groups of 7-8, yoga to suit the individual need. after a phone call and a detailed personal meeting during which i told them half of my life history, i enrolled for a three times a week class. i told them i had issues with commitment... lets just hope this works!!

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