Tuesday, September 21, 2010

fabulous progress

am happy to report, that K has gone and outdone himself and silenced me about any doubts i had about him and focus. when we went to the gym after a month last week, the trainers all lined up and one even asked if he'd had liposuction! ofcourse i felt like cracking (the trainer's) skull, after all the hard work and sweat he'd shed, but it was also a victory for K. I remember when he first joined, they crowded around him to give him gyan.... first he shocked them with his stamina and then with his weight loss... it was like a kick in the teeth... me? well lets just say i went back to the start point! but the main thing is what he's been able to achieve! love you k man.. you showed me that i was so wrong...and i now know that if you make up your mind about anything, no matter what, you will achieve it.

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Swapna said...

Wow...3 cheers to K from me...!!! :)