Tuesday, September 1, 2009

weekend tales

its terrible tuesday. we had a great weekend. filled with love and laughter and much money spent!! isn't it always better when you spend some cash? hail retail therapy!!
the weekends are made better with spirit, food and music...not particularly in that order! suddenly all the new hip places to be seen at and eat at are opening around the place we live. About time is all i'll say! scrumptious restaurant cooked "homestyle" andhra food and a fun shopping trip, pictures taken over much laughter, giggling and cursing in a photo booth after which we had it blown up and framed. oh yeah, and much money spent in buying nothing in particular too.
back home, we spent another fun evening singing karaoke. this time the neighbours didn't complain. i wonder who learnt their lessons - them or us! dinner at 5 a.m? yes. and did i mention that the rains make everything spectacular? they did. on sunday we had a lovely late breakfast at lunch time and rediscovered the joy of home delivered food! rounded it all off with a rather  mellow evening spent in the company of Leo. 
i'd recommend having a nice weekend to everyone. no matter what is your choice... clubbing, shopping, spending time with friends or just vegetating on the couch....makes the work week so much dare i say bearable?

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