Thursday, September 17, 2009

the last week or so

its been such a week of ups and downs....some my own...some of loved ones...some i really dont give a tiny rat's ass about...but somehow still found itself in my ecosystem. all in all its been emotionally, physically and mentally draining. i wonder if i would have felt better if i sought refuge in god. i feel guilty to go and "ask" for solace. because i am so confused about religion and faith and spirituality and all the jargon that goes with it that i have practically blocked it out of my life. maybe its time to start rediscovery!
k started a new assignment on monday. i dont yet know what to make of it. i just hope and pray that he isnt as inert as i am. its been a difficult decision for him, but one i hope will give him the opportunity to showcase his brilliance. we did a bit of shopping for him last weekend, because the new place is pretty traditional and asks for a different kind of attire than what he would like to be seen in. it was very frustrating to say the least...and tho i love shopping i was so glad (and drained completely) when it was done.
his work also means that the whole household's schedule is upside down. everything starts 2 hours earlier than usual and the mornings are hectic. the lazy pace of things have to change. the maids are having the toughest time adjusting to the new scheme of things. this is getting on my nerves, deep breathing is helping here. i'm enjoying the few hours that i get to myself in the evening before he returns from work tho i preferred the quiet time in the mornings.
its not been the best last 10 days... hopefully the weekend and the week ahead will make us better prepared for everything else that's in store.

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