Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The rains came down on us yesterday and how! I was stuck in traffic from hell at 7 p.m in the office rush and after taking one wrong turn 200 meters away from my destination, I ended up on the wrong side of town, spending another 40 minutes negotiating ditches, vehicles, people darting across my car and my mother squirming in the passenger seat! At any other time, I would be swearing colorfully and getting completely worked up and pissed off. Not yesterday. I surprised myself with my calm demeanor. Telling myself that I couldn't get anywhere if I was to get all stressed. 

I did the best I could, negotiated the roads and traffic, took a few turns, made a few calls to tell people why we were delayed and reached safely without mishap.

I am liking this new approach. I hope it lasts! Wish me luck

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shilpa said...

has to be the endorphins :)