Friday, June 22, 2012


Remember the post i wrote about how upbeat i was feeling with the working out etc? Well looks like that isn't a flash in the pan. Nothing else explains the high I've been on for the last few weeks. Everything else remains the same around me. The chaos at home, the demands of the dog and man on my time, the routine, the food... then what explains that I am ready to jump out of be at the stroke of 5 a.m? and stay energetic the whole day?must be the exercise. I checked my weight, haven't lost much... but I know for sure that I am feeling better, sleeping better and am getting more satisfaction from each day. Also, I can now do up to 45 wall push ups where on the first day i couldn't get through 5 without feeling dead.... So, pat on the back~

yesterday was a milestone for me professionally. I overcame some personal hurdles and surprised myself at what i am capable of. I know the best is yet to come... I know that this is the beginning of a good thing... the Universe is working with me on this. 

today amma and i are going shopping to secunderabad. I am hoping to pick up some stuff for myself and indulge a bit for having been so good to myself. 

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