Wednesday, June 20, 2012

just so i don't take too long a gap

I have nothing specific to say although I came here to post something. Just so I don’t take another hiatus and disappear for a long period of time. This disappearance has been a pattern with me.

I’ve had a pretty good month so far. The biggest change has been going to the gym and as always, when there is something new in my life, I obsess about it for a while. It consumes me and that’s all I can think of until I have a new love interest! So currently, as in the past with mad men, or actor Simbu (yes…. Go ahead and judge me!), my terrace garden, colour blocking trend or even the dog, I am obsessed with circuit training and every waking hour online is used for this. I watch videos, read articles and am generally overdosing.

The rains have arrived and it has made me and Sage very happy. He for one has quit panting too much and is sleeping like a hibernating bear.

Yesterday I received something by courier and used my fingers to rip through the parcel, only to have an open staple pin tear ½ a centimeter of my finger. It is making typing this very painful.

This is the fourth day running when I put off going to the parlor… scanning my face everyday and loathing the fact that my eyebrows need grooming doesn’t help. Do you also do that? Imagine you look like a bear with unthreaded brows?

We are having ragda patties for dinner tonight. Hopefully my first time experiment will be successful.

I shall stop here…. Here’s a picture I clicked with my Iphone a few weeks ago.

This is the St George’s Church in Abids, Hyderabad. I went after more than a year… all because my mom is here!

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