Thursday, September 15, 2011

south north and what not!

everyone's panties are knotted these days with a post that some girl wrote which had rather crude stuff about north indian boys. then there was a retaliatory post from a northindian boy. then another popular mommy blogger dissed the girl and shamed her... in between, so many tweets about it...

the girl got close to 400 comments, the guy i dont know... his post lacked punch.... i didnt follow up further...

today again someone tweeted about the post... i said i found it funny... i recd a barrage of "why it was not funny" messages from one person...who wanted me to retract that i found the post funny. i was given 10 reasons why it was in bad taste. wouldnt be the last time i was laughing at a crude joke.

about sterotypes... they are everywhere. north vs south, telugu vs. tamil, white vs. black. we are possibly one of the most stereotype subscribing people... so why crib? has it stopped some vital decision making of yours? if yes, you have every right to have your panty in a knot.... if no, move on.

my point is.... blogging is a public platform, yes... but it has no censorship and no one to monitor. which is why a lot of people write exactly what they want. so this girl wanted a lot of attention, she picked a topic that had enough stuff to exaggerate and she wrote about it.

some found it funny, some rude, some crude...whatever....

if you feel so strongly about stereotypes, dont encourage it. there are enough idiots you encounter in real life... now add to it that everything said and not said online can be shredded and ananlysed. am sure the only one laughing is the blogger herself.

there are enough opinionated bloggers out there, they have their own little mafia. and you should see to believe the kind of mobilisation that happens. the fors and against, i'd like these people to come face to face over a debate and then see how much steam their beautifully articulated arguments will have....

above all, i just feel we've lost our sense of humour. more than anything, we need to have an opinion on everything. which needs to be taken seriously. we have to have a point and a counterpoint and have to win an argument at any cost.

most of all, us indians, whether north indian, south indian or central indian, we are equally screwed by a system that is making monkeys of us.

i dont know... i dont care... you like it.. read it... didnt like it... dont read it... but expecting the writer not to write her opinion, however much you disagree is the silliest thing.

am not posting the links here on purpose...because i side with neither

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Swati Sapna said...

Hey! I read this post ur talking about just yesterday. And yes, I found it funny and well written. Even though I'm a South Indian married to a Punjabi boy who is nothing like the boys the writer harps on about. But hell, it was well-written, sharp, scathing and hilarious! Then saw there were a thousand odd comments and a complete "Racism" war had started online! Well, I jus retreated. You are so right... we need to learn tolerance. One person writing a blog post is not the end of the world. At this rate ppl will be going up in arms against anyone who publicly disses their favorite religion, state, cuisine, film star or even sportsperson!! And what happened to the freedom of expression for God's sake? I think it will help us all if we are this passionate abt more important issues in life!!