Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I went into baking overdrive last week. I baked like a woman possessed and used 2 kilos of maida and an equal amount of sugar in less than 4 days! i put aside my preferences for low fat, multigrain and took on buttercream icing! even if i say so myself, everything turned out great and i had a ball. i would do it again even braving the sore back!

i baked on order 6 dozen cupcakes in rich chocolate with chocolate ganache and red velvet with buttercream frosting. a day later i was baking an orange pound cake, chocolate choco-chip and 1 doz cupcakes.

its a lesson i needed. to put myself aside for a moment. cos i have been so focused on myself for all the wrong reasons. and the compliments have since been flowing in and i have loved every minute of it!!

the pup has a blog of his own, where i will write stuff about him and hopefully spare this blog!

my cot is almost ready! i cant wait to have it.. just needs a coat of polish.. i went to see it yesterday and it looks gorgeous! need to pick up a mattress now.

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Anonymous said...

they look lovely!! yumm i'm a cupcake lover!! <3