Wednesday, September 21, 2011

making peace of the pieces

its been a great week for me! touchwood... i am in a happy zone, like i am on happy pills... some annoyances are still there... some shards of the last few weeks...

i spoke nonstop for 3 hours on the phone yesterday morning. with my friends U, N and S. Sage went ballistic. jumping and leaping and nipping at me for attention. i sat on the couch in the library to avoid him and he jumped at me and pulled himself up just to let me know how annoyed he was.

i told U of the happenings of the last few weeks.... she's always brutally honest.... she gave me an angle i didnt think of myself... she said "think of it this way... the same stuff that people think you need to change, has given you the strength and the tenacity to overcome huge problems in your life. where would you be without it?"

thank you my darling.there is a reason i love you!

I've made peace with my bad haircut and if i may say so myself am totally rocking the fringe!

how has your week been?

leaving you with a picture of Sage sleeping on the dashboard on the 6 km drive back home after sunday lunch at my in laws place. he climbed up himself, flopped down and was totally unafraid!

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Swati Sapna said...

Aahh... U.... where would we be without her. Her brutal honesty and steadfast love has held me up so many times that I have lost count now!
And i just adore this pic of sage!! how cute is that??!!

PS - Touchwood! may the happy pill continue to do its work :)