Thursday, March 12, 2009

where have you been?

random thoughts is on its way to becoming rare thoughts... i haven't posted here in ages and i sometimes feel like screaming out loud..... why the heck cant i post here more often? dont ask me...the more i wonder why i am leaving this space to rot.... (not much actually) .... the more i draw a blank....

its been a pretty hectic time for me with work and life in general. There is a routine that has fallen into place and assignments at work now having fixed days. i even had to set up a calendar for myself to keep track of what i was doing last month...yeah that's a first in 2 years! i still feel a lot of time is being wasted in faltu i am researching something online and get sucked into reading websites one after the other following links and before i know it a few hours go by. i have been meaning to get a grip on that. its kind of like a necessary evil, getting out of hand once in a while. :)

on the home front, things have been a little quiet. k has had this horrendous cough making him sound like a ghoul at times. we made the trek twice to the other side of town to go to his trusted doctor who alone "is the fountain of health" for K. so he's a little better now. i am a little disappointed that i haven't yet gotten to top of things. there are days when i see the laundry basket overflowing and not enough vegetables in the fridge.

tomorrow i set off for a week long holiday to ahmedabad. k's parents stay there and for me it is all day long sloth, just lie on the jhoola like a lifeless creature and the best i do is perhaps set the table and chew my food when i eat....amma thinks (bless her!!) i am overworked and in need of rest, this was the case even when i was not all i do is chill. k and i havent stepped out of hyd since september which is a loooong time by our standards. and this is the first time i will be going away for a week since going back to work. am really looking forward to this and as i type this, i realise, i am not really paying too much attention to what i am saying here!this time in ahmedabad i want to go visit the sabarmati ashram. i have been there several times, but never seen this place. hopefully i shall be able to remedy this. plus ofcourse i plan on doing loads ofshopping....yeah you heard me..... loads!!

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