Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slumdog Jackpot and other such

i wanted to do a post right after i saw the oscars....and work ensured that i didnt get a chance, which is just as well. one because there were so many people saying so many things and my life isnt about seizing the moment. if you know me, you will know that i am all about being fashionably late.

i am ecstatic for Gulzar, ARR and Resool.... they totally deserved it...i just wish gulzar saab would have gone for the would have been so awesome.... if anyone from india deserves international praise for music it is ARR and this was well timed....his genious is being suddenly discovered by fellow desis, but then isnt that how we are also finally waking up to yoga?? for the humble beginnings of Resool its no less a victory of his talent and hardwork than anyone else.

having said all of this, i cant imagine why people are having thise "oh its a firang telling this desi story" argument. yeah it is fashionable now to hate the movie. and we had all these coloumns and media coverage over how everyone in india is pissed that they showed us in this light etc etc, but when the movie sweeps the oscars, it suddenly becomes "our" movie and "our success" and its simply appalling. i cant get how we can have no pride. that we can one minute say this is a movie that used us like a whore and we hate it and we arent like that in reality. and when the same movie sweeps the oscars, we embrace it. so who's the whore here? i dont know...and i wont beg your pardon for the use of language...

which brings me back to the aggressiveness with which we respond to everything that the media throws at us. to them this is a story, like any other and they will milk this one for what it is worth. we will prove we are idiots and cant see through this and have heated debates over every medium in the stratosphere. why cant we see this as a story that needs to churn out interest because we have nothing else to fill the tv, newspapers, magazines and the internet forums?

i've seen the movie and yes it did churn my gut in bits, and i thought the music was brilliant, the cinematography was top class. but i havent seen the other's and so will reserve my comments on whether this one deserved to sweep international awards or not. lets just say you cant please everyone, and if this is what people want then so be it...if this was a mediocre movie, then it isnt the first mediocre one to sweep international awards. and beyond a point who cares?? really.

this is real. some will like it some wont and it isnt any body's business to change the other's opinion. great for those who worked on the movie. if it means more indian talent gets recognition then great. afterall you anyways didnt create an opportunity good enough!!

you know what gave me goosbumps?? kate winslet winning the oscar.... i dont care about anything else. i love that woman. i love the actor in her. and i bet my sorry little silly heart, i would have been like her if i was an actress. i've always had this delusion she was my soul sister, so when she held that trophy, that was me you just saw up there. so for all the times she was nominated and didnt win... kate!! you go babe!! you did it this time. she's a marvellous actor and congratulations.

The other babes who i was delighted to see - Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

other things i loved .... Hugh Jackman.... Ooooo who'd have thought he would dance and sing and do all those things he did in a tailcoat and a top hat. and with Beyonce!! that was hot!!

So all in all it was a great show.... it was the return of the musical and how!!

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