Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taking stock

we're already in February..... dude!! where the hell did January whiz past….. it’s scary!! I can just recall an all-night card party on the 2nd of January …. Cackling worse than a pack of wolves…. Scared the neighbours would lodge a complaint and have a morcha to shut us up….and today I sit staring at the calendar which says it’s already the 3rd of Feb!!
I haven’t had a single dull moment…that much I can tell….we’ve had a pretty hectic social life…..each weekend has been spent with friends…..much laughter, music, philosophy and alcohol has been shared!!
This month began with a refreshing lunch shared with women friends….sans partners, kids or anything else that we prioritise over self…this was something I wanted to do for ages…spend time…nce a month…with women….one way of unraveling and seeing myself….we had a lovely lunch at the Yellow Chilli, and spent a whole afternoon browsing through the sale at Westside…. i put up a brave fight, but succumbed and ended up with 2 bags for work, 2 kurtas and one set of Chinese tea cups…they are so beautiful, I want to hide them!! This ends my no shopping spell…. J
Each weekend, we’ve had friends over…some to spend time…some to stay over….some to share philosophies….some to listen to music….some to get away from whatever has been plaguing them!! All this has meant great company and such a spectrum of personalities that it is refreshing and totally crazy at the same time!!
I also had my very first and second massage…..i mean …. I was more excited than the birthday girl – A … who’s hubby arranged for the two of us to be pampered at a spa…. It was a fabulous gift…something that wishes are made of….it was more than amazing….and totally awesome…to be pampered that way…. at one point….i didn’t know where I was….bliss…I think it was bliss….more on that later….
The second one …the massage I mean….came a week later… yeah quick succession!! At work we had a very intense week….including a day spent in the sun doing physical stuff at an outbound training facility….. I even walked on a rope bridge about 20 metres above the ground (and was scared to death!!) ….. I will write a post on that another time…the next day, every muscle in my body ached….so I called in a masseur who does house calls and she was of the desi massage type…. Lots of rubbing and at some points the pain was enough to make me yelp!! But after that, my skin (thanks to the olive oil) felt like silk and I slept for 4 hours like a baby….plus of course I did feel relaxed….
K went on a short trip out of twon....so i had a girl friend stay over with me.... that became two and then three in no time!! man was that a party or what!! 
Work has been crazy busy…it’s a nice kind of busy tho….on the flip side, I have been working on a couple of weekends, and some more to go…but those are the demands of work…. Oh did I mention that I love it that I can take a day off whenever I feel like it?? this is seriously the answer to my prayers…. Just knowing that it can be done, makes me love my work set up….!! oh yeah and i am doing some pretty interesting work too while i am at it.....
social quotient has gone through the roof needless to say...that could be the one reason why time flew past this quick.... blogging has taken a major beating.... working weekends have meant that i havent had the time to stock pile my auto publishing posts either.... hopefully that will all change....for now.... i need to make my grocery list ... so ciao!!


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ellooooooo good to know u r alive n kicking!!! and glad to get the low down on what u were up to..2 massages???..hmm.. I have a serious case of NV :)