Thursday, February 5, 2009

i'll indulge you.....silly

Have you ever encountered someone you’ve wanted to ask to get lost but have spoken to them politely to the point that the politeness gets on your nerves? I know the answer is an astounding yes…. I’ve been doing that increasingly of late. In the course of work, I am meeting with many more people than I used to….this means that I get to test my social skills a lot more than I did earlier. The good part is that, I can actually be objective about this enough to keep my most natural instincts in check….the bad part is, my claws have become blunt! Am I losing my sting? I don’t know… but that isn’t the point. In the course of work, I have been speaking with and meeting people…different kinds…each time I am amazed at all the different kinds of us that there are around ….at another age and stage, I would be a different person, short on temper, quick on repartee, fierce with my ideas and with a purpose of making everyone see my way and disciplining those who were errant….gradually of course I realized that I was being as stubborn as the ones I was encountering…that it wasn’t my lot to discipline anyone….and that I was being far more judge mental than I had the courage to acknowledge…. So now, older and hopefully wiser, I sit back and take notes…. Choosing a few classily delivered doses of sarcasm over hysteria and / or anger…. And hopefully have the sense to choose those that don’t impact work….. some of my friends and acquaintances from an earlier life, sometimes remark that they cant believe it is the same me… truth be told…. I often think the same!!well this is really turning out to be a pointless post...and if i dont get bogged down with wanting to say something coherent...i will just hit the publish button and be done with it.... afterall...who cares anyways...and it is my blog!!    

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Raaga said...

deja vu?