Friday, March 27, 2009

long weekend

three days of a weekend. this is how i prefer my weeks, a long weekend, with a mid week holiday thrown in! one half of the first day is anyway over as i type this. i slept for most of it! damn the Tv and reruns of friends that keep me awake past midnight. while on friends, i cant decide which one i like the most, lets just say, i am in momentary love several times during each episode.

this weekend looks promising. we have a couple coming over tonite. tomorrow i watch a play with my girlfriends, and nothing yet planned for sunday though i am hoping to go to church. i feel the need for this, so i can calm myself.

the week that's gone by hasn't been the best. i am so glad to put it behind me. nothing earth shattering. but it gave me a gripe. much like some bad case of an itch, i could'nt stop scratching and aggravating it. i have been doing too much thinking....magnified by the fact that i seem to have no idea what to do next, amazed that something so small can be made a mountain out of in your head!! i've been exasperated, irritated, disinterested and angry all at once and more than i want to acknowledge.

i dont know what is causing unrest... ok, i know, but i wont write about it here. yet. :)

hopefully the weekend will help make me feel better...... plus i can always make lists to help me along!! happy weekend... :)


Raaga said...

happy weekend to you too. :)

Swapna said...

hey babe..hope u have a great weekend and get over the 'gripes'