Wednesday, March 25, 2009

insomniacal rambles

its thursday...just past midnight on wednesday. what the heck am i doing up at this hour? dont ask.. i cant sleep... difficult to think that its three days already since we got back from our break.. k and i spent a week with his parents.... it was something i so badly needed, that on the day before we left, so zoned out was i, that i was hardly congnizant of what was being said around me!!

it was the first trip since our goan holiday in september. the first since i got back to work. i didnt realise that i was really sort of desperate for this break.

a week spent slothfully....i ate (much more than i have the heart to acknowledge), napped "every single afternoon" and yet managed to sleep again at night, shopped and generally chilled out. ... its amazing how time flies when you are having a good time. for weeks, i wondered if 8 days was too much idle time....since all the people inside my head know what a control freak I am.

amma and appa were so amused that i jumped up and plated and photographed food (soon after amma slaved and cooked it!!) for Escapades... i need to get those posts up and running. there are a tonne of things to do - routine to get back into, stop wanting another break to get over this one, closet to organise, gifts brought back to be sorted and given away, work to get done, blog posts to write, photos to be sorted and uploaded and oh! real food to be cooked and consumed.

its just past 3 a.m and i have no idea when i will finally fall between writing this post, i fell prey to hunger pangs and had a bite of instant noodles. not the best thing to have a carb assault at this time... but what the hell! i'd better post this before i start craving caffeine.

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