Monday, March 30, 2009

ahhh!! weekend.......

the weekend is over :(. i loved it..and am not so happy that it went away. sometimes, i cant decide what i like better, action packed or couch vegetation weekends!! this one was action all the way.

funny how much you think you will get done and how much you dont! also, how little sleep one needs when one has friends around. i got by with less than 3 hrs sleep every night and no day time naps! we had two sets of friends over on friday. sat chatting about single malts, books and management styles the entire night. the next day i prayed the maid would turn up and not turn back at the sight of the vessels that awaited her. she didnt, and i made her chai to keep her humoured.

two plays by an amateur theatre group were watched on saturday. it was fun, the plays. the second one elevated by the quality of acting. it did make me take the announcement of auditioning for thier next production quite seriously! nothing like seeking some spotlight. hung out with friends again post that. while i couldnt keep my eyes open and hit the sack at 5 a.m (damn this old age), k and my friend b called it a night (sic!) after having breakfast at a famous idli stall. while they slept till late afternoon, i woke bleary eyed to let the maid in, and then the sound of her anklets kept me awake (and irritated i may as well add). when she left, i couldnt get back to sleep and so put myself to use and cooked lunch.

i dont know how many people will see the sense in repeating the last two days again on saturday night. i know my maid for sure must have thought i was soft in the head. just pulled together by the big fat salary i pay her. fact is, we always have friends over on most weekends, and i am terrified that i'll be left to do the dishes. yeah call me spoilt if you like, but i hate doing the dishes, almost as much as i love to cook. thankfully i live in a country where household help is affordable (atleast for some more time now...). so while the weekdays see the usage of about 2 plates, glasses and spoons and maybe a pot and a pan thrown in, on the weekends that we entertain, i have almost all of the crockery i own waiting to be washed. so my first thought on a morning after a party is "please god, send the maid"

anyway. the weekend ended early on monday morning after hanging out with some more friends. we did call it an early night because it was a work week and our friends have a school going child.

i dont know if i felt energised or tired. i did have a wonderful time, so i felt definitely better than before.

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