Wednesday, October 15, 2008

K's Labour of Love

So so here it is.........after weeks of cribbing and spilling my gut onto my status messages..... K's Library!! finally done and i hope well worth the pain and money!!
K has wanted a library of his own for as long as i can is one of those long cherished wishes.....for the last four years now we have gone back and forth between making one, or buying readymade bookshelves.....he saw something that he liked in a bookstore in pondycherry and asked me to replicate it at home.....i would like to think we accomplished it quite well.

the library which began as the simple building of a book case on one open wall in our third bedroom, soon engulfed the whole room, making us tear down the existing wardrobes (sniff....sniff) and going the whole hog..... if you didnt hear about it from me, you were'nt a part of my life as it happened!!

the Library has been built against both walls on either side of the room.  

on the left of the room, a work station sits between two more panels of books. the workstation houses the laptops (hence we have two tiers) and it needs those rectangular wicker baskets on the top shelf to hold the board games, stationery etc....i sacrificed my precious embroidered table cloth to provide cover for the soft board (the white with delicate coffee coloured vines on it). this will be yours truly's home office. it needs a chair as well, that will have to wait for the state of the pockets to get better.

On the right of the room, is another book case with the glass display shelves, that we had to put in because of the pillar that was there....

everything has been polished in walnut. there is our ancient Rattan sofa (tho i prefer to call it the couch), an ancient armchair, a bean bag, one coir stool and one small table....ample seating for those who might want to spend some time inside. we contemplated putting a TV for good measure, but reality in the form of our empty pockets made us exercise restraint.

feedback is very welcome.....although i would really like it if it was limited to praise.....and anyone who has alternative ideas about the seating/furniture or the lack of it/ blinds instead of the curtains etc, are welcome to (a)write me a cheque (b) take me shopping (C) both of the two.....

Congratulations my love....and i hope this was all that you wanted and more!!


Arundathi said...

It's absolutely fabulous - I want me one of those...nah make that a room of those! Hope K's happy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome...I want to visit you so that I can have a peek into this room :)
Congrats to both of you !
Its one of my cherishes dreams too and I totally understand how it feels...