Thursday, October 2, 2008

Goan Diary – III “I waa waaa”

Being told “sorry you are indian” notwithstanding, on day one, post a lazy lunch, we made another trek….to find a shop that sold baby floats….because Rachel was driving us crazy…..this pint sized 20 month old, held us for ransom with her tears and wails of “I waa waaa” which means “I want water”….she doesn’t say complete words yet…..but the intentions were clear…..she dragged anyone of us that she could to the side of the huge pool in the hotel courtyard around which were our little cottages…..asking almost soulfully to be taken into the water….. half an hour of baby assault and we gave in…..finding swimwear and swimming gear in goa is very easy……that I am thankful for…… two piece bikinis, one piece swimsuits….and ghastly little frocks with an attachment that looks like cycling shorts hang from every shop that lined the streets of baga….thankfully I bought mine before getting there….and it was one piece (to cover my modesty) and black (I believe in the slimming power of black)…… no it doesn’t camouflage cellulite!! 

Baby Rachel in her purple dino swimsuit, with sun block that could double for whitewash dove into the water astride her little red float …. It was a contraption that allowed her to sort of sit in it… a rubber chair with a float around it…..the next few hours was a family video scene……rachel and my brother in the water, with her paddling away like a little duck, my mother delighted… SIL happy but nervous that she might topple over… wanting to join in the fun and urging the sun to go down sooner so I don’t look like burnt toast….and K slowly but surely getting a burning fever……the sun did go down, I did get into the water and splash around….and Rachel did topple over….twice!! but we pulled her out just as quickly too!! (thank god!! Cos all our hearts skipped many beats!!)

Exhausted, we napped till it was dinner time…..the most awaited time of each day….. Souza Lobo it was….the chosen destination that we dined at three out of four nights…..a testament to the food and service…..while my carnivorous family were almost delirious and couldn’t decide what to order for a long time, the amused waiter blinked at me a couple of times, trying to figure out if I was indeed asking him “what can you recommend from the vegetarian dishes?” but with all due respect, I never once felt I’d landed up at the wrong place…. Each item I ordered at each of the meals we had at Souza Lobo’s always turning out excellent….and not once did I have to resort to paneer butter masala and rotis!!

can you see the figure in the picture below....that's a ghost...pass this on to 11 people else badluck will come knocking!!

the guy on the extreme left is the gentleman with the fabulous tenor

There was live music by a trio, with an elderly gentleman with a fabulous tenor singing all the familiar goan songs…… the only thing that was a spoke in this wonderful experience, was my anxiety over K’s full blown fever.

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