Friday, October 3, 2008

Goan Diary – IV Happy Birthday Amma

23rd Sept – amma’s walked this earth for 70 years!! and what a life it has been…..Happy Birthday Dear Mommy…..

I slept fitfully……disturbed by K’s body burning with fever lying next to me….and the occasional grunts…..we woke up and ordered coffee…..a few hours later, had breakfast with everyone else by the pool…..but it was evident that we wouldn’t be up to the trip to the Church of St. Francis…..i didn’t want to leave him alone at the hotel and he was in no state to come along….it would have just made him worse… we stayed put at the hotel while the rest of them went to the church…..had lunch and returned in the late afternoon…..K and I watched Apne….triple dozed on the deols, with beer for me and hot sweet corn soup for K!!

In the evening, I got over my self-consciousness to splash around in the pool…..i did spend a few hours wishing the ones who were in the pool and lounging around it would buzz off….when they didn’t, I just mustered up my courage and jumped in…..i always tell myself, they’ll possibly never see me again…..and mostly aren’t as obsessed with my cellulite as I am…..sometimes it works, some times I have to work at it!! this day sort of established a pattern with me…..drink, eat, exhaust yourself in the pool till you feel you can drink and eat without too much guilt to ruin the food experience… brother would want to add here that there wasn’t much of a food experience in my case anyways, but I would prefer not to give him that privilege…

We got dressed for dinner at eight, and headed straight to souza lobo’s …… this time there was a young duo of musicians….singing country numbers…..some completely off key, but they were so earnest that we clapped enough for them to whisper “thank you….thank you ladies and gentlemen” at the end of each one….. Souza Lobo’s was also good enough to arrange for a cake for us….. so we ate and drank, talked and laughed and spent a wonderful evening…..i took a minute to thank God for my mother’s life….all that she is…..and we watched her cut her birthday cake with her granddaughter…..sang happy birthday for her at our table because the band forgot our request and was singing a number from roxette instead…..they couldn’t stop midway to sing happy birthday with us….but we had another go immediately afterwards, with the whole restaurant joining in (they each had a slice of cake for their effort)…..i think my mom was a little sheepish when she stood up to acknowledge their wishes……. I would like to think it was one of the better birthdays she has had……. Am sure she is nodding in agreement

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Aparna said...

You did have a wonderful vacation, all said and done. :)