Friday, February 8, 2008

i dont need to make all the mistakes myself.....

Seemingly balanced people shocking me…. That's what this is all about at one level…. So called mature, independent, successful people feeling an emptiness that tears them apart….ridden by an angst of insecurity and low self esteem….unable to shake off the lack of success…. Angry with the world for not giving them what they think is their due…. This sense of entitlement that the world and its cousin owes them….our imagination making us prisoners of an ambition we can never equal….. and the same imagination taking us to the pinnacle of success that we have dreamt of….only in the metaphysical state, we are already crowned king and queen….cut to the real picture, where you still are where you were…..just sitting there lost in your thoughts….and unable to accept the picture as it really is…. Living in denial….and not doing anything but waiting around for the red carpet to be rolled out and the rose petals to be strewn about…in reality , the world will go on without you…and if you don't think life is special enough to be savoured and enjoyed, it will pay you back with the same coin…..

I feel sad and angered at the same time…for the times that we are all blinded by our righteousness and cant see what's in front of us……for the times we feel alone and lost and find ourselves with nowhere to go….

I told K last night that I sleep each night with the knowledge that I love him more than anything and I am thankful of his love…and if I can help it…I will never take it for granted …. Sometimes it pays for us to shut up and see the wisdom in someone else's mistakes…. We don't have to make all the mistakes ourselves….just keeping our ears and eyes open and mouths shut can teach us so much….

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Karma said...

hey, i so agree with you, you have so articulately poured out what i also happen to think is true...we often do get soo blinded by our so called righteousness!