Saturday, January 19, 2008

I think it helped more than I gave it credit…or maybe I was just fed up with my cribbing self…..i got off my sorry ass and got a few things done yesterday!! The Christmas tree and tinsel are finally off…not just off, but packed neatly in the pre designated boxes and up on the loft till next year….just like I liked them and just like how I would ideally like them packed…. I didn't succumb and put them all together in a plastic bag in a jumbled mess I was so tempted to….. I endured a raging headache for 3 hours as well…. But I feel good…life is getting back to sanity…. Then I baked two cakes…one was a disappointment…of course it was bound to be if you saw what I did…. I was pissed with myself….so I baked another and this one rose to the occasion quite beautifully….who can resist a whole wheat chocolate cake?? Not me….. the prize of course came in the evening….a few casual mentions of hitting a night spot came together…and I was all up and ready…..a hot shower made me forget that terrible headache…. There's something about a hot jet of water hitting you on the head and shoulders that no therapy or drug can buy………. I spent some time on my hair and ignored the fact that I should have threaded my eyebrows….infact when S (who we were going out with) asked the inevitable "what shall we wear?" I answered "what difference will it make? Its going to be dark and everyone will eventually be drunk…and after a couple, regardless of what we wore or weighed we'll feel like Cindy Crawford" …….. so we hit town…. 10 D my favourite watering hole, I was already almost drunk!! Only one thing struck me….we'd come for retro night….and when you start to enjoy retro night, you know that you are older than you thought!! I had a blast…. I loved the music and regardless of my severed toe nail braved the dance floor…. And yeah…..i did feel like Cindy Crawford!!

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