Sunday, July 1, 2007

Random thoughts from here and there

Owing to the mad hours K is keeping with his writing…..I too have been up at odd hours till I finally give up and hit the sack…..i have been watching an obscene amount of TV…..i almost never switch it on and it is one thing that is good because we don’t fight over the remote control…..i tend watch mostly the travel and living channel from discovery and I think I would like nothing better than to be paid to travel, eat and discover the world… makes for a pretty smashing fantasy anyways!! There was this program on Bombay anchored by a lady of Indian origin and she encounters these hijras on the streets….intrigued, she talks to them….visits their home, sings and dances, goes shopping and even crashes a wedding with them….she said at one point “for a woman trying to be a man dressed as a woman, I think I did pretty good!!” now how about that…what I like is that she wasn’t judgmental and that the hijra spoke impeccable english, grammar and accent that would give a V&A trainer a run for their money!! One of these days, if this telly watching continues, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find me in a pool of my own drool after one of the programs on vacation homes or the like………

My pastime of reading blogs too is dangerously perched on borderline obsessive……..i have bookmarked so many pages that my computer is beginning to groan…I find it fascinating to read what others write of their life….more fascinating than blogging myself actually!! I quickly scamper off to the dozens of blogs I read…am gleeful when there is a new post and quite upset when there isn't… this some voyeuristic pleasure?? I wonder….. also bordering on obsessive are the card games I am playing on-line…I just have to win every game and restart if I land up at a dead end…I ought to go out and play badminton instead…all this sitting in front of the computer isn’t good for my burgeoning weight!! Which hey by the way has reduced by 2 kgs!! Hurrah!! I think this isn’t so bad after all …..i mean spend all your time in front of the computer so that you forget to cook and are so hungry you just grab some cereal or carrot or some such thing that was totally off putting while you were leading a normal life!! this seems to be a better strategy than all the diets and walking that I have tried and failed at……….miserably at that……

The rains have waterlogged a few plants and have totally irritated some of the ones that don’t like so much water…to protect them I have draped them with cut open bags from K's book buying spree…and fastened them with clothes clips….i think this is what killed a cactus type of plant with star shaped leaves and I think the orchid is on its way to rest in peace!! Meanwhile the table roses and the bachili that I planted are enjoying themselves…I think I shall harvest the bachili this week…..the chilly saplings that were a result of cleaning out my masala petti are doing better than I gave them credit for…..i am waiting to see where and what they will do next…..

In the meanwhile, this is going to be my last week before I turn a year older…yeah the birthday’s round the corner and it will be interesting to see how I react…i usually get a little paranoid around this time of the year…I am wondering if I should have a party….but when you have to do almost everything, it isn’t such an exciting prospect….if not anything I hope to be able to finish a few things that have been on my to do lists forever now…….

Like I said with the heading of this post…I am really not trying to say anything in particular with this post……afterall, my blog is titled random thoughts isn’t it?

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