Monday, July 2, 2007

I saw the Sunrise

I’ve had one of the most beautiful, serene, magical beginnings to a day today…..i cant remember another time that I have felt like this when a day begins and I know that it isn’t often that this will happen to me, mostly because I am not a morning person….am not an early riser and I cant remember the last time I woke up before mid morning for half the world’s people…and since quitting work, there isn’t any compulsion either….

If you have been reading older posts you will know that K is keeping odd hours and I have been having listless sleep…today began in a similar fashion….i woke up around the time he came to bed…and within a few minutes I was wide awake and he fast asleep…..i hoped that I would drift back but no such luck….all I could think of was the steady rhythm of breath that only comes from one in deep slumber land…I was jealous and quite miffed…like it had been taken from me and given to another on a silver platter….tossing and turning, covering my ears (which works if all else fails) didn’t work and I just lay there waiting for either sleep or some sign of day break….(I am chicken….terrified of the dark) after a vain battle of two hours and a headache threatening a grand arrival and extended stay, I mustered enough courage to get up from bed….open the doors and pull back the curtains……I am about to describe as best as I can what hit me after that…..

There is something about how early morning sounds and smells…it doesn’t smell or sound that way for the rest of the day for sure… wasn’t dawn yet…my!! I never thought I’d use that word, let alone experience it….but it perfectly describes the time when the sun isn’t here yet but there’s hints of light…..having gotten my bearings, I contemplated putting on my shoes and going for that promised walk…. I chose against it and wisely I think now…..i made myself a steaming cup of tea and sat in the ‘other’ balcony…the one we use much lesser than it deserves….simply because it faces the east and I didn’t want to miss the spectacular show the sun was going to put up…so there I was at 5.30 a.m sipping chai…listening to this particularly noisy and boisterous gaggle of swallows on the eucalyptus nest door….with the chill that the monsoons have brought in…waiting for the sun to show….and nothing prepared me for what I saw…..its 6.15 a.m as I write this…and the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds…brilliant hues one minute and gone the next…every myriad hue from flame to brilliant white I have watched in the last 30 minutes….i am not tempted to do anything else….not read, not surf, not talk to anyone……I’ve been sitting here and soaking up this experience…even the noise from the trucks that drive by on the highway nearby seem in perfect harmony…….I don’t think there’ll be an encore for a long time now…I don’t wish for one too….perfection shouldn’t be repeated….thats the magic…….its bright now….there’s no blazing sunlight but a brightness that’s perfect….its cool and breezy…and these birds do know how to sing a chorus allright!! Solitude has never been so blessed for me ever before ………

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Jessie said...

Nice to see you pop in to read my blog once in a while.. thought I'd do the same!