Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i'm listening to a song from the hindi movie Holiday which was a rip off on dirty dancing. one of my all time favourite movies....the romantic junkie that i am i own the dvd and on the first day watched it repeatedly 12 times. it went on from the morning to the evening. i was / am so in love with the patrick swayze of dirty dancing...i think the next two days after i marathon watched this movie, i googled him out and read and digested every bit of information i could lay my hands on......anyways, i haven't watched holiday and though i know it was a big flop and can never be even a patch on the original...i mean dino morea and anjolie.....pardon me but much as i think that dino deserves as much success as a certain john abraham is enjoying right still doesnt make the cut for me....anyways back to the song ....aashiyan ban a great song......has fantastic words and a lovely tune....ranjit barot rocks!! i mean had this song been released minus the flop film, am sure it would have become a rage............especially on the dance floor with a remix version....maybe.......

i am very excited about a book i picked for myself....i cant remember the last time i bought a book....but when i saw it on the shelves of Landmark in blore i knew i had to have it....i have Anthony bourdain on my it isn't Kitchen Confidential, but it is the one called 'nasty bits' it'll do for now.....when you look at those dreamy eyes looking at you from the cover of the'll know i am saying the truth when i think he is one of the sexiest 50 yr olds i have ever seen......all 6ft 4 of him and more!! am i gushing already?? i'd better stop!!

just back from bangalore...rachel's doing great and effortlessly made K and me baby talk and was just so pleased with herself at having lorded it over two otherwise sane human beings.....she's just so perceptive and observant...i wonder what would happen if there was a scrolling marquee on her forehead to capture her thoughts.....and boy does she have a mind of her own....i also think that in the not so very distant future, she'll be ready to effortlessly take over the actress mantle from your truly!! she was delighted with the cat cushion i made for her...the two ears are so convenient for her to suck on...its a sight to see her go into raptures when you show it to her in mock surprise!!

the days before we left for bangalore were such a daze......with the chocolate classes, shopping (of course at general bazar)...... sewing the two baby beds and pillows for rachel......i was up till 1.00 am, i also had to wind up a class on saturday that i finally cancelled...dealt with a truant maid, packed and had to clean up .... but it wasnt over when we left home, cos we had a few errands to run including buying some prized cuts for my brother who still cant come to terms with whats available in bangalore....... i was so relieved to be led to my seat on the plane....all i needed was bad weather to stall our landing and go on a merry go around 30000 feet above sea level watching in horror as lightening bounced off the wings of the plane!! i was so happy to finally be 'driven' home!!

i came back with a gift of a hand mixer and am gonna hit the baking books soon!! the only ill of this enthusiasm is that neither K or i need the extra pounds that baking so freely also thinking that i should finally get my hair trimmed......its all the way down my back now but could sure do with a couple of snips.....i know i have rambled on and on...but it is my blog isnt it??


CM said...

Hi Arundati,

Love you writing and your blog...which I just stumbled upon. Would you please give me details about your class, as I am interested. Thanks.

Chitra -

N said...

hey Arundati. I will be back in hyd after my vacation, on the 5th of aug. Please let me know when your next class is. Do something, email details to

Thanks a ton! :) said...

Hey Arundhati,

Can't wait to read more about your class! And see some pictures.


Arundati Rao said...

chitra, thanks for the encouragement. have left a comment with the info in your blog.

naagu, i've sent you the details already

kanchana, thanks so much. its been 3 weeks and the classes are going great. only i dont want to take pics during the workshop and post them on a public so paranoid....or maybe i should do just the hands and stuff!! that'd be fun. thanks for the encouragement

CM said...

Hi Arundhati,

Thanks for this! My email id is chitramenon[at]gmail[dot]com. Yes, I am from Hyd!
Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again.