Monday, January 25, 2016

Off day

K is in Dubai for work, I have 4 days of classes this week and monday is my usual day off. I mentioned to amma who is nursing a terrible cold since 5 days that if she felt better, we could use the day and go to the farm. I dont know if it was the promise of the open space or the excitement to see the place again, she got better over the weekend and we set off this morning post breakfast. 

Landed there by 12 pm and the spinach patch is making me cry with the amount of fresh spinach ready for plucking. I cooked a quick lunch of khichdi and some tomato curry, we ate, overate actually, amma took a nap, I walked around my fiefdom with Sage in tow. 

In the evening after chai we harvested palak, chillies, tomatoes, brinjal and some bottle gourds. I set Sage loose and he played and tried to mount Buddy, the lab owned by another family who lives on the farm. They ran in circles pissing all over the lawn. Got home to a completely traffucked gachibowli and I kept telling myself that one day soon, I wont have to battle this traffic. 

A lovely day, so different from my off days when I simply vegetate at home in my PJs

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