Monday, December 1, 2008

what next?

we're so quick to blame everyone but ourselves..... every one else owes us explanations and apologies.... then why do we get pissed off when we're delayed / detained for a security check at malls/ theatres/ airports etc ? how many times havent we used the "do you know who i am?" bit to get out of situations we think are questioning our self inportance? how many of us are willing to "pay" to get work done, big or small? its no wonder then that they could have bribed their way through while enterring the country.....

are we done with all the celebrities who are no experts on matters of security / disaster management/ governance? there was one with 6 celebrities and one ex cop....and they never allowed the cop to answer anything or make any point...when he'd have had more things of objective knowledge than any of them.... i am not a snob... i am not saying these celebs shouldnt be on panels.... but by just getting them, arent we trivialising the whole thing? not really wanting to explore some ideas at the end of the panel discussion?

why are we just going overboard trying to pin the blame on the politicians?? yes we elected them and yes they damn well be answerable.... but by making them the "cause" of this disaster.....arent we sending out a clear signal that we are loving this name calling and blame games rather than sitting down to take action.... to make some foolproof action plans that dont remain in name alone? or do we play the "i want answers"...."how could this happen" outrage to empty us of all our anger so that there's none left to channelise constructively??

this whole thing has made me so scared....scared for my life and the ones dear to me....with all the images of blood and gore and possible and impossible real and imagined and quite possible terror attacks, i sleep so uneasy each night....holding onto K for dear life and not wanting to be alone.... if this can do this to me.... just imagine what it would be like for the people who actually lived through all this and or lost someone they know?

while the media did a good job of keeping us informed.....they need not have fed us the blow by blow details... i am sure the terror outfits benefitted a lit out of it all.... they held out for more than 56 hrs... some inputs from the relentless news coverage must have helped,  i am totally appalled now at how they've made advertisements about their "live coverage" of the mumbai terror.... really... is this needed? and why did they have to zoom in on the faces of the dead heroes lying in their coffins? 

at the end of all of this, i am glad this ordeal is over. yet i am not quite sure it is going to be the last disaster we will deal with. its now time to take action. to give shape in a lasting, concrete manner to all the ideal ideas that we have and make something solid out of it....we need to work out a solution that works for us all.... and we need to do this without wasting any more time.


Swapna said...

hi... ditto... the way everyone zoomed in on the carnage was worse.. I was asking Din the same thing.. when live-telecasting the whole thing, where the police were positioned during the strike etc,weren't they informing the terrorists inside???????

Aparna said...

All of us are in some way responsible for what happened. I agree. And while the media, especially the TV guys think no end of themselves, they were so insensitive.
And why is no one one covering the CST or Cama hospital? Because the so called movers and shakers or the rich don't take commuter trains or go that hospital!!

Sure we elected the politicians, but you can only elect those who stand for elections. Let's also understand that not one politician came up on air including the President (the PM's speech doesn't treally count) to reassure the Indian public to remain calm and that things were being taken care of. The few that made it anywhere were totally insensitive and crass!! They made their appearances with the coming elections in mind. Let's also understand that for most politicians its about power. Imagine, LK Advani, at his age, still has desire to make as a PM!!! What can you say about these guys?
Sorry, did I take up a lot of space here?

Random Thoughts said...

Swapna: i know!! and now the captured terrorist did say that their higher ups were in constant touch with them.....

Aparna: i know what you are are welcome to the comments space....and i agree with what you said here...we just dont have any dignity, and whatever character we have, shows through.