Sunday, March 10, 2013

weekends...come and go

Its 3.30 a.m and i just finished a piece of work i had been putting off this entire week. 

I've had a nice weekend so far. spent today almost exclusively with K. for some part of the day on the couch, sipping beer and eating biryani in front of the TV. Something I never do... but it was so enjoyable! then the three of us napped till it was evening. We had guests over. A girl i randomly met on the road and her friend. She stopped me when she noticed sage one day. we chatted, she was sweet and very chatty... we exchanged numbers and then in a random conversation i asked her over for dinner. Had a nice time talking about everything... its refreshing to see young people... to understand their perspective... their thought process...their ambitions and everything else. I hope she and her friend had a good time too. She almost balked when i told her how old i was.

I blanched too. because i realise i am at that age when 22 yr old people think i am ancient!

tomorrow we go to the IL's for lunch. its been a good week so far... 

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