Monday, March 4, 2013

bits and pieces

This used to be my main blog you know, before the food blog came along...then everyone had a photoblog and i made one too.... then we got a dog.... its a different story that each one of them is lying in neglect. Like a dusty old house forgotten in the village when you move to the bright shiny city...the cobwebs hanging...the paint peeled off....the walls crumbling and doors weather beaten.... but still standing

Summer is here. not officially... but unofficially... doing a recce and checking just how crazy it can make me. Its succeeding I must say! Also the changing season is another indication of how much time i have spent away from this blog.... its real stupid for me to keep coming back and saying that anymore... i think the last 100 posts all have some sort of "omg its been so long since i blogged here" phrase included in it...

I'm baking today... After ages... actually after Christmas... I'm making Haathi's (a blogger i have been recently obsessed with - I'm harmless... don't get creeped out (yet)) Masala Bread. I'll post it on the cooking blog if that is a success.

I was sick almost all of last week. The training project in colleges is half done. I've been having a stressful time at best and almost lost my marbles once at worst. I have never worked with people who have driven me nuts like this before. endless conversations that bear no fruit. I am taking one day at a time to avoid anything blowing up. I cannot work like this and it is seriously frustrating me. However, its taught me very valuable lessons. of putting my work before my ego. a few weeks ago I had a situation which made me feel like a child who had smashed a toy and successfully put it back together. Literally i tore something apart and had to stitch it back together. easier said than done, and spread over 2 days, it gave me a headache that elevated into a full blown fever and cold. I dragged myself through the entire week. Friday and saturday I just couched out...browsed and slept, played with my dog. I think that's what healed me finally. 

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hAAthi said...

OMG, obsessed?! But why?!
Don't worry, not creeped out, just surprised that someone could be obsessed with my blog :)

Glad the masala bread worked out for you. Looking forward to seeing the recipe on your blog!