Thursday, March 21, 2013

of having a lovely day...with myself

my friend N calls me a social introvert. I think she has come closest to describing what i have become over the last few years. I have written extensively and sometimes incoherently about my love for solitude these days. I love having people around. But a lot of times, when the socialising has spilled over a greater part of 3 days, I need to retreat into my silent zone for atleast a couple of days to be civil to anyone again!

I've had a busy last few weeks. Nothing that is earth shattering, but some stuff that has kept me busy and on my toes.

I spent the whole of today at a pace I enjoyed. the walk with sage, at a time when school buses were still not around, and sage could roam about leashless. came back home to a good cup of coffee and scanned through both the newspapers. spent some me time, reading, listening to trance, shopping online for shoes! and playing with sage. Could not have asked for a better time with myself.

in the evening, some friends dropped in and i was actually happy to see them!

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