Friday, October 15, 2010

Soup ki Rani, Calories ka Raja

That would be the title of the movie made on the current life we live. For those of you who know us for real. K had undertaken an incredible journey of weightloss some 100 days ago and what he has achieved has been phenomenal. With determination and discipline, he's reached his goal. 

he's eaten smart. exercised hard and gotten where he wanted to. the badminton 6 times a week continues as does the gym even tho he's reached his weight goals. what has aided is the way we've been eating!  I have learnt as much as i can about planning dinner to provide enough nutrition without being heavy on carbohydrates. 

salads have made a huge comeback into our lives. With salad adding bulk and fiber to even packed lunches that he now carries to office. i too have been compelled to eat smarter and have lost a few kilos in the bargain. i have another 8 weeks to reach my ideal weight and i think with this discipline i should be on track. K kicking me out of the house and the reminding me of the money we paid for the gym membership is definitely helping me get off my behind and onto the cross trainer.

just changing our dinner pattern has made such a huge difference to the whole weight loss initiative. about 1/3 of our intake is now from fresh fruit which is a good thing anyways. there's a blanket ban on calorie heavy food after 7.30 p.m and so i have literally morphed into a treasure trove of assorted soups. clear thai soup one day, lemon and coriander the other and even pumpkin and sweet potato.

so yeah, if i needed a movie title for our current life, it would have have to be called "Soup ki Rani, Calories ka Raja"


shilpa said...

...and, i need the recipes for some tasty, and effortless salads and soups to begin my weightloss program!

an absolutely delightful title!!

Rupa said...

Hey Anu,

Thats amazing.... congrats to both of you :)
It would be awesome if you can share the salad and soup recipes (doesn't have to be on a blog)...I have been advised to lose weight by doc for health ( I am hypo throidic and have a weak back)...hence its a big priority now...
I would love it if you can give me such that weekday dinners and lunches can be taken care of....

Doli said...


it would be nice if you could give me such recipes.. I would like to try some of them..

Preeti said...

Great Anu!!! Saw Rajesh in a few of your latest pics. Amazing transformation. You are also looking awesome. Have been enjoying your blogs.Have been busy with family from India so catching up on all that I have missed. Take care and keep writing.