Friday, August 21, 2009

zooming in

K got me a belated birthday gift..... a brand new shiny camera . i've had it for a month now and haven't yet posted anything taken with the new cam on my food blog.... i think i will just get giddy with excitement!!

K says i am zooming in on everything except the dustbin and the potty!! he's a reluctant muse and so i am clicking everything else that i can.

a friend of ours, also gave me a basic lesson on lighting and aperture and shutter speed etc and i am experimenting.....
funny how much you want something, and when you get it, its unfamiliar and scary so you stick with the old faithful!! more on that soon.... also my progress i will chart here... wish me luck....and yeah a little imagination too!!

1 comment:

Swapna said...

Wow.. great snaps.. I think you have all the imagination you need... so keep clickin' dear...and keep posting..