Friday, August 28, 2009

friday !!

i've been blogging a whole week!! that's a first for this blog...or any other blog that i write! the more i come here, the more comfortable i feel... i was totally step motherly with this one...and just slightly better with the other.

its friday evening...i've had a pretty nice day at work and so some of the irritation from yesterday has worn off. am waiting for k to come home from work....and while he's still not here, i've done all the girly stuff.... dim lights around the house (he likes the tubelights on!!), music and scented candles on the balcony from where i am writing this...

its going to be a great weekend... i just know...whether we go out or stay in, i just know it will be nice and relaxing and wonderful... i hope you have a good weekend too. Cheers!

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