Wednesday, August 26, 2009

an evening out

A and i went out for a drink last evening. We'd been planning it for atleast 5 weeks now and each time, something or the other came up to spoil our plans. i got home a little early yesterday. My arm is playing up and i wanted to catch a nap. i sometimes just want to dissolve from reality. not confront anything, not solve anything and just hide for a while.... sometimes i feel like that.... hibernating...especially when i have PMS or other times i would have just given in and continued to sleep.

so we went to this club which has three divisions (yeah!!) the main club was closed for a private party (i think they just made it up because it was a weeknight and it would not be profitable to keep it open for just a handful of people...), there was a sky bar which had a jam session being set up and the third part was a jazz bar. this had a lovely view of the busy street from the bar stools. and perched up on the 7th floor it looked fantastic. an added bonus fairy light effect was made by the incessant rain.

i wanted to sit with my feet up and so we chose a sofa, ordered for our drinks and got chatting. A was just back from a holiday in sri lanka and was making me most jealous with all her tales. she met an old friend who introduced us to two women, who then joined us. after a while another lady was introduced to us and joined the group. I must say, its been a while since i have last spent any time or had any conversation with complete strangers. the whole thing, far from being boring or obligatory was so refreshing and interesting. Two of the women were not indian. so it was obviously interspersed with their experiences here, their views on the workplace, generally living in hyderabad etc.

no prejudices, likes or dislikes, preconceived notions, nothing. just plain talking, drinking, giggling and having a good time! i want more of this!!

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