Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend this and that

its been a week that i've been back. the week has been full of bits and pieces that make up my life... first factor to really tick me off was that the maid decided, since i was back from a trip, she could take off!! i leave her in charge of the house when i am away for 2 weeks, which means two full weeks with no work and full pay. all she had to do was ater the plants everyday and sweep and swab floors and washt he bathrooms before i got back. yet i come home to her stories of "oh how much work there was!!". i am very grateful that she is trustworthy enough. i am sick of the fact that despite asking her to inform me about leave (when and how many days) she (and all of the other maids i have encountered) doesn't. i simply cant understand why they dont get it, am beyond caring. really. as usual, she took off without any information and got back with a long face and a sob story and walks around with her head covered to signify that she has been very very sick. another thing i dont get. the "you need to be responsible for my health" chorus maids sing. they have free access to food in my house. i pay them a quarter more than the going rates. somehow i cant help but feel that the more i give the lesser it seems to them. bah!! anyways... no more maid tales... atleast in this post.

the sun burn is better. one patch on my neck is sporting new skin in a lighter colour. i guess it will be some more time before i begin to look a little bit like my old self. K too has a huge patch of molting skin on his arm and he's taken a fancy to peeling it off in the most disgusting fashion!

work's been good. its always nice to get back into the routine. also good when work seems to have missed you! the only thing was, for a few days, i woke up not knowing where i was!!

i've not been regular with my yoga. what with all the travelling. the yoga mat rolled up and sitting in the corner of my room beckons a few times, but not very forcefully. so am really not blaming anyone. the thing with my benevolent self is, i take full responsibility for my laziness!

on friday we went out pubbing with another couple. have i said it before? that when the songs you like are played on a "retro night" you know you've grown old!! we had fun. i just loved all the stuff they played and did a little armchair dancing!! stuck to my one drink per evening decision (on the days that we go out!!) the waiter was really surprised at my second order of diet coke!!

dear friend B came back from her europe trip (we were supposed to go together) on saturday and we pored over the pictures she brought back. she came bearing gifts!! a french coffee press, fridge magnet and an olive tree wood cross from the holyland.

Sunday was a lazy day. i cooked and cooked in the evening, but it was fun!!

while it hasnt been hectic, this has been a good week. only dampner was that k is still under the weather.

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