Wednesday, July 15, 2009

back on home turf

i've had a stupendous holiday. it was exciting, adventurous, tiring and full of everything i didnt expect. plus it was a long one! i will write about it in detail, but that's for later. lets just say, i am back home. badly sunburnt, tired, full of the memories of a magical time spent just a few days ago, unable to believe really how much time and distance one can traverse in a few short days but happy to be home!!

much joy as the holiday gave me, humbled me and awed me, i am honest maybe even silly when i will admit that i had the most blissfully refreshing sleep in my own bed when we got back!

the travelogue will be written and posted. it was nearly a 2 week vacation, so there's lots to be written. in the meanwhile, regular life is to be lived. bags unpacked, clothes washed, meals to be cooked and work to be done. also, battered bodies to be brought back to some kind of normalcy.

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still sunburnt?