Sunday, June 3, 2007

Quiet Mornings

its been a few weeks now that i have fallen into this routine that only now has struck me as "me time" (i'm a little slow!!) since planting my feet in hyd these past weeks, i usually have the mornings to myself......with K sleeping till atleast 9.30 a.m and poor me having to wake up when the ringing doorbell heralds the arrival of the maid......i have a few hours to myself....... i've begun to so look forward to this time that i get a trifle worked up when K rises early or someone else pops in.......a myriad bouquet of feelings i experience.....i feel that milk takes unusually long to boil, that my eyelids open like a blooming flower flash photographed at 3000 clicks per minute.....and sudoku and the crossword awaits me......i was so intrigued by sudoku that i was tempted to try.....ok i admit i did cheat initially but now i cant believe that day on day i crack something relating to numbers.....i was perenially math phobic all my student life and that's what landed me in the arts stream!! there are days when this gaggle of birds have an impromptu chorus...i am tempted to feed them some grain but K's phenomenal phobia of winged creatures has halted me thus far....of late i have noticed a lovely pair of mynas that have built their nest inside a drain pipe....they keep going in and out accessorising their home...i just wonder if they're not feeling like stewed fowls by the end of the day in this heat! with the 'development' of city scapes, i have no doubts that what i witness is soon going to cease, so i might as well enjoy it while it lasts......i pore over the newspapers (we get 4 of them) and am sometimes at what makes it to the pages....i also chat with my mother in peace sparing an eyeball rolling K from exasperation and other emotions he goes thru when he's privy to our conversations!! in fact my mother can clearly tell if i am alone or not when i speak with her!! some of my best paintings and writings have come out of this time and the moment i began waking without an alarm i truly understood how much this time meant to me......i'm just thankful for the time that i have......i know its a privilege not many have......

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